Physician Model Back Bubble (Made In USA)




  • The Back Bubble Physician Model (Made In USA)
  • Warranty – 5 Years Hardware, 3 Years Soft Goods
  • Includes Deluxe Black Chin Up Bar With Brackets and Screws *FREE
  • Chrome Traction Spring
  • Comfort Spreader Bar *FREE
  • Instructional DVD
  • Instructional Guide with Step-By-Step Photos
  • Toll Free Number for Customer Support 1-800-457-7246
  • Weight Limit 265 Pounds


Description information

  • Includes An Inflatable Body Harness And A Chrome Buoyancy Spring
  • The Inflatable Harness Adjusts To Individual Comfort Needs.
  • The Height Adjuster Allows The User To Vary The Amount of Stretch.
  • Suspends With A Chin Up Bar, Or A Hook In A Beam
  • Weighs 5 lbs., Deflates For Portability, And Is Crafted With Medical-Grade Materials
  • Comes With Instructional DVD, Instruction Guide, And Toll-Free Help Hotline 

2 reviews for Physician Model Back Bubble (Made In USA)

  1. Timthy McConnell

    I’m 36 years old with major back issue’s. Been going to a chiropractor 3 days a week for adjustments and never really felt relief. Ordered the back bubble arrived yesterday. Works great!!! Last night was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. I would recommend this product 100%.

  2. WhoAmI?

    First- I had an issue in regards to some of the parts and it was quickly resolved after one email. Customer service responded with quick replacement plus a personal offer of any help needed.

    Second- This is the only back traction device I know of that I can use while working at the computer. In fact I’m in the back bubble now while typing this review. I hung it in front of my desk and just hang from it sometimes for up to 20 minutes- basically hanging instead of sitting at my desk. There’s a learning curve for using it as you have to find the height and amount of inflation that’s comfortable for you, but once you find it you just love this thing.. Really helps to alleviate pain.

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