See What Others Have Said About Their Experience With This Lumbar Traction Device!

Alison, RN

“As a registered nurse, I would say everybody should try it if they have back pain. I’ve been using The Back Bubble™ for seven years. The Back Bubble is the best thing that has happened to me. The pain goes away and stays away. It saved my life. It really is amazing.”

Derek, 50

“I had the classic sciatica running down the leg. I have it now about two years and I’m pain free. The Back Bubble™ has actually given me my life back. The Back Bubble works.”

Deborah, 47

“The Back Bubble™ stopped my pain immediately. I’ve had zero back pain. The Back Bubble™ was very easy to set up, very easy to use. The Back Bubble™ has helped me with my sleep because I don’t get up in the middle of the night with pain. It makes me feel like I have a spring in my step again. The Back Bubble™ works.”

Sean, 35

“I was in a car accident. The first time I used The Back Bubble™, I felt instant relief. My back feels a lot better, it feels stronger, my core feels stronger, my back feels looser.”

JUDY, 40

“The pain went away instantly when I used The Back Bubble™. I have the freedom now to do those things that I want to do, and it’s a fantastic feeling. The Back Bubble™ has been absolutely life changing for me.”

SEAN, 60

“I’ve been using The Back Bubble™ now for about 17 years and the results have been phenomenal. The Back Bubble™ works amazingly fast. For the first time in 10 years I didn’t have any pain running down my leg and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing!’ This is the only answer that I found that was completely safe, I didn’t have to take any kind of medications for, and it really worked.”

SEAN, 60

“I’ve been using The Back Bubble™ now for about 17 years and the results have been phenomenal. The Back Bubble™ works amazingly fast. For the first time in 10 years I didn’t have any pain running down my leg and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing!’ This is the only answer that I found that was completely safe, I didn’t have to take any kind of medications for, and it really worked.”


The owner / designer of this product spent 15 minutes with me on the phone discussing my exact issue and how I should be using the product to help. This guy really cares about his product helping people. Highest recommendation!!!!
New Person
“I received my back bubble after waiting for what seemed like years but was only 4 business days. I immediately installed it and got in. My legs felt really hot instead of the usual cold tingling feeling. I have had an L5 herniation for 12 years with a constant pain index of over 6 during those 12 years. I hung in the bubble using the basic position right before bed. Sleep was normal but what happened when I woke up and got out of bed was a miracle. I didn’t groan and have to use a massive amount of will power to get to a standing position. There was no pain for the first time in 12 years. I do have a little bit of pain right now but it’s only a 1 or 2, I will take that after 2 treatments totaling a grand total of 8 minutes. Thank You Chase.. You Rock!!!!!”
Relieved severe sciatica
“I bought my Back Bubble in the early ’90′s to relieve a severe case of sciatica.. After around 2 weeks of use I started feeling better..I only had to use for short periods < 1 minute/day each session and after about 4 weeks of use the pain disappeared..Since then I have only used it on a maintenance basis about 2 times per week..I can only attest as to what it has done for me…I would not part with it…It sure beats surgery…”
Back Bubble Review
“I’ve had my “Back Bubble” for about 8 years now. I originally purchased it at the Los Angeles County Fair, where I got to try the “Back Bubble” during the demonstration at the booth. The amazing part of the product is that it relieved my lower back pain immediately. I also enjoyed the next several days’ pain free. The following week I returned to the Fair to purchase one for myself. My pain is usually brought on by doing heavy or awkward lifting; I use my “Back Bubble” to relieve the pain quickly. I would recommend the “Back Bubble” to anyone looking for a fast, effective, and medication free relief for their back pain.”
Greg DeSmet
Wonderful and affordable
“I have had one for 15 years I bought it at the Del Mar Fair and it is wonderful for my chronic back and neck pain, it gives you instant relief, it is so cheap compared to going to a chiropracter I highly recommend it to anyone with any type of neck or back problem. The device lets you put the exact amount of pressure that you want, right where you want it. Its totally adjustable. You can also get into a yoga type position with your shoulders on the floor and your legs up in the air supported by the straps and relax allowing the blood to reverse flow giving you a serene relaxed feeling.”
La Jolla, California
“I have been plagued by low back pain and sciata for some time. After trying the conventional medical remedies including steroids both orally and locally injected, physical therapy and other such things, I still had no relief. Out of desperation, I purchased a Back Bubble ® after a recommendation from a colleague. With regular usage, exercise and great delight I can now say I have had a remarkable improvement in my symptoms and quality of life. I can now exercise and surf again.”
John G. McHutchinson, M.D.
Doctor in Fairfield, California
| “I don’t normally endorse medical products, but I have been very impressed using your portable traction device (The Back Bubble ®) for the last 12 years. When you consider that the vast human cost of treating Low Back Pain (LBP) in both pain and dollars in the U.S. is staggering! I personally use this device as a preventative treatment with my own back. It is fast, simple and it feels GREAT. Published studies show a reduction of pain in 81.8% to 99.35% of the treated subjects.”
Edward J. Noa D.C.
Folks…this is the REAL DEAL for back pain relief
“After using The Back Bubble ® at home, my pain has decreased substantially. I fully recommend the use of The Back Bubble ® to anyone with lower back pain.”
C. Jones
Worth Every Penny!
“I suffered from back pain that over the years turned very severe. I tried drugs, therapy, massage, injections etc., which all worked to some degree, but your body can only handle so much of that. As I felt myself too young for surgery which in my case would involve a fusion of the lower back with rods and screws, I began to look for a less evasive way to treat my symptoms. Well….I’ll be darned if it didn’t work. I found that by laying on my back with my hips suspended off the floor I could “scooch” the bubble down my hips slowly to just the right spot that would provide an instant relief of pressure off the nerve. Five to ten minutes of this and I felt like a new man. It was a Godsend! It of course didn’t solve the problem but it went a long way in making my condition more manageable and it sure beat doing the drugs to help relieve the pain.”
Michigan Man
Instant back pain relief
“I would recommend this to everyone with a bad back. Especially disc related problems.”
Thanks Back Bubble!
“I would like to create a positive 5-star review of the Back Bubble! I bought mine approximately 10 years ago. I was visiting the Del Mar Fair, and saw the Back Bubble. I talked to Ron, who gave me a demonstration, allowing me to feel the benefits of the product. I immediately felt my lower back relaxing, and my back felt better immediately. I bought one on the spot!During the times I’ve used the Back Bubble regularly, my back feels good and strong. But over the course of the last 5 years, I’ve moved 5 times, and lost track of the device. My back became bad enough that I saw several doctors, and finally an MRI showed that I had a significant bulge on one of my discs, which puts pressure on a nerve bundle. The best treatment approach is traction, so I’m starting to use the Back Bubble again. This should save me from invasive surgery and/or pain medication.Thank you Back Bubble!”
“Jim B”
It works!
“I was skeptical and wanted to try it since i’ve been in pain and they offer a 30 day guarantee. All i an say is “buy it and see for yourself”. It really does what it claims to do!” This is only a small sample of endorsements that we have collected while helping thousands of back pain sufferers. It’s time to proceed to the Order Page. Your results are unconditionally Guaranteed!"
C. Shimizu
Sciatica Relief
"My wife and I went to the San Diego Co. Fair 3 years ago. I had Sciatica in both legs that day while walking through the exhibits. We saw the back bubble being demonstrated by Ron the owner of Back Bubble. I tried hanging in the Back Bubble while Ron explained how it works.He explained that in less than 2 weeks the sciatica would be gone. I bought 1 that day and two weeks later I was walking tall with no pain ! We own a inversion table and being a big guy it hurts my ankles hanging up side down and stopped using it. I work in construction lifting heavy objects daily so the back bubble keeps me working. I still use the back bubble 4-5 times a week to keep my back stretched out and walking without pain. I have recommenced the Back Bubble to many friends over the years. Anyone that tries one will own one for life. Thanks Ron."
Alan L. Campbell
Pain Free and Living Active Again
“A little over 2yrs ago, I found out about the Back Bubble from a massage therapist and thought I would give it a try. WOW! I’m glad I did! Using the Back Bubble has been life changing. I use it about 6-10 times a week as necessary, and I’m back to enjoying an acive lifestyle again. I would see my chiropractor on a weekly basis but now see him every 10 days or so. Not only am I pain free and enjoying life a lot more, but I’m putting money in my pocket due to the reduction in chiropractic visits. Oh and I haven’t had an “episode” since using the Back Bubble. If I’m going away I simply deflate the BB and put it in my suitcase with the strap harness and the rest of my clothes. Thanks Ron for giving me back my active life!”
Extended Career
"After a back injury working as a firefighter, all the doctors told me I had two choices: live with it or surgery. They did not about a third choice – back bubble. This product gave me immediate and consistent relief for the last 4 years. I was able to take the bubble to the fire station and used it at least 3-4 times per shift. I would have had to retire 4 years ago if not for the back bubble. Not only does it give me relief to continue to perform my duties, but I believe due to consistent use, the severity my back injury has decreased. I am now able to play golf again and do more physical things than the first 2 years of my injury. The back bubble has definitely played a huge part in increasing my quality of life with a back injury.”
Ron S.