Q: Does this come with the comfort spreader? Or is it separate. How can I purchase the comfort spreader by itself?
A: Both the Physician Model Back Bubble and the Deluxe Model come with the Comfort spreader.  The Comfort Spreader can be purchased seperately on our website at the bottom of the Home Page.

Q: Can you crack your back (in a good way) with this?
A: The Back Bubble can definitely help you align (adjust) your back. Try using the reclining position, then move the Bubble to the exact problematic spot. Next, twist your hips and use your hands to push the Bubble on one side and pull the Bubble on the other side, increasing the stretch and aligning your lumbar spine.

Q: What is the max width of the door frame?
A: The Chin Up Bar or EZ Hanger work in doorways from 24 inches to 36 Inches.

Q: Can this also be inflated with a regular bicycle pump?
A: I’ve never really tried that— I’m sure that’s possible, but you just blow it up like a balloon and adjust the air pressure for your personal comfort needs. No need for a pump.

Q: How does this work? Do I need to hang from the ceiling? I don’t think my ceiling would hold my weight.
A: The Back Bubble normally hangs from an adjustable chin up bar. The bar come with brackets that are mounted on either side of a doorway. The door still opens and closes and the bar is removable from the brackets. The bar is included when you purchase both the Physician and Deluxe model Back Bubbles.  The Back Bubble can also be suspended from the EZ Hanger, a hook in a beam, or a rope over a joist.

Q: What is the weight limit?
A: The weight Limit for The Back Bubble is 265Lbs.

Q: How long is the strap that comes with the device? I plan to attach it to railing on our second floor for use on the first floor. I would like The Back Bubble to be adjustable to the floor.
A: The strap is about 48inches long. The Back Bubble comes with an adjustment buckle that raises and lowers the device. If need be you can use a heavy duty chain with connectors to help lower the Bubble from the suspension point.

Q: Do you need your hands while hanging on this or can I have my hands free to do computer work while hanging?
A: Great question. If you hang on The Back Bubble from under your rib cage with your upper body tilted slightly over the Bubble, your hands and arms are completely free for computer work. Also some people put a pillow on their chair so they can sit and hang at the same time- like 50/50. That way you have much less weight on your tail bone, even a bit of traction, and your hands and arms are free for computer work.

Q: Is it made of gold?
A: Well, some of our customers certainly think so.  When it comes to relieving your back pain you really do get what you pay for.  If you have lower back pain The Back Bubble will take that pain away faster than you can imagine.

Q: Yeah, but will it heal my back?
A: To begin with The Back Bubble absolutely healed my back!!  Also, we have followed many Back Bubble users who have reported that after using The Back Bubble, their backs have either healed or have improved significantly. The problem with injured backs is even after they get better, they’re easily reinjured. This is the very reason for owning a Back Bubble- pain relief and therapy on command when you need it.

The first thing The Back Bubble does is take the pressure off of the structures that cause the pain. This gives you the relief you are looking for. The Back Bubble relaxes the lower back muscles and opens the joint spaces allowing the flow of fluids through the painful area. This pushes out the inflamation and brings in oxygen, your body’s healing mechanism. You will be very happy you purchased The Back Bubble. We have an earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for how we conduct our business.

Q: Does it come with the chin up bar or do you need to buy that separately?
A: Yes the Chin up bar comes with both the Physician model and Deluxe model.

Q: What color is the cushion? Black or blue??
A: We have the Physician model that is raven black with white lettering, and has a chrome-plated spring. We also have the Deluxe model that is purple with a chrome-plated spring.

Q: Does this put pressure under your arms?
A: You can hang on The Back Bubble in the upright position or inverted position. Only in the upright position is the Bubble close to your arms. I prefer to hang with the Bubble under my ribs rather than under my arms so there is no pressure under my arms. You can easily position your body to find the most comfortable way to hang on The Back Bubble.

Q: What is the difference between Deluxe and Physician models?
A: The Deluxe and Physician Models as well as the Patient Model Back Bubble are excellent. We do not compromise the quality of any of our Back Bubble Models. Please follow this link and review the Back Bubble Models that we are proud to offer.

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