What Doctors Say

Thank you for visiting the Back Bubble!  We have been in the business of helping people with lower back pain and sciatica since 1985. Our spinal decompression, back traction, stretching device helps people to regain their ability to fully enjoy life without having to suffer from debilitating pain.

Watch our videos and read the Back Bubble medical studies to see how much we have to offer those who suffer from lower back problems.

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“I won’t put my reputation as a medical doctor behind anything I don’t believe in, but the Back Bubble™ I fully endorse. No tricks or gimmicks, just sound anatomical science. The results speak for themselves.”


Uses the Back Bubble with patients.

“When you’re feeling acute pain, you can get into it and it will help you with that immediate pain relief just by causing that decompression and helping the spasm to relax a little bit.”


Spine Specialist, South Coast Spine Center

“The Back Bubble works to relieve pain and it can do so very quickly, in a matter of seconds. It’s a very fast, safe and effective way to relieve and in many cases even eliminate back pain.  I’ve been recommending the Back Bubble for about 20 years. I personally use the Back Bubble almost every day.”

Dr. Lisa A Schmidt D.M.D

“I thought I would send you a progress note on my use of the Back Bubble, home lumbar traction device you prescribed for me two months ago. As you may recall, I have had 18 years of moderate to severe lower-right back pain and shooting sciatic pain down the right leg and abdomen. I have tried everything from exercise and osteopathic manipulation to injections to relieve the pain. All therapies have been very short-lived and disappointing. To my enormous relief, two weeks after receiving, installing, and using the Back Bubble three times a day from seven to 10 minutes each session, I can report a 98 percent result. I am pain-free for the first time in eighteen years. Thank you for your recommendation.”

Dr. Mark Mocciaro

“I use the Back Bubble in my practice for quick and effective relief of low back pain for my patients. It not only gets them out of pain, but it also keeps them out of pain, so they can live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.”

Edward J. Noa D.C.

“This device is able to decompress, reinstate lumbar curve, and stretch and strengthen the low back. With just a few treatments using this device, patients often experience ‘magical’ results. It is not unusual for patients to have instant relief by using this device for only a few minutes. I personally use this device as a preventative treatment for my own back.”

John G. McHutchison MD

“I have been plagued by low back pain and sciatica for some time. After trying the conventional medical remedies including steroids both orally and locally injected, physical therapy, and other such things, I still had no relief. Out of desperation, I purchased a Back Bubble after a recommendation from a colleague. With regular usage, exercise, and great delight, I can now say I have had a remarkable improvement in my symptoms and quality of life. I strongly recommend this simple method of therapy for immediate and long-lasting relief of symptoms.”