Deluxe Model Back Bubble




  • The Back Bubble Deluxe Model
  • Warranty – 3 Years Hardware, 2 Years Soft Goods
  • Chrome Traction Spring
  • Includes Deluxe Black Chin Up Bar With Brackets and Screws *FREE
  • Comfort Spreader Bar *FREE
  • Instructional DVD
  • Instructional Guide with Step-By-Step Photos
  • Toll Free Number for Customer Support 1-800-457-7246
  • Weight Limit 265 Pounds

2 reviews for Deluxe Model Back Bubble

  1. Ashley Bearden

    Bob: I’ve had degenerative disc issues since an acute sprain when I was 19 (now 62; my daughter and I share this Amazon Prime account). Bought my Back Bubble at the Del Mar Fair (San Diego) 20+ years ago when Ron got me on it and it has saved me TONS in chiropractor fees (and immediate relief at home instead of waiting for an appointment). Not meant to replace a doctor’s care, but when I overdo it (or come back from one of my many business road trips sleeping on crappy hotel mattresses) and my lower back has that dull ache and feels “locked up” my back bubble fixes me right up. I hang upside down (drives my dog crazy) for a couple minutes and feel that slight “pop”, my lower back releasing, and I’m brand new. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone for an adjustment and it won’t release no matter how hard they pounce on me. With me, it has taken some practice to learn how to relax, stop tensing up and guarding my lower back and just allow the back bubble to stretch and release my L4/L5 tweak. I’ve tried inversion tables; they kill my ankles (not to mention how much room they take up) and just don’t work like the BB. Buy it already!! The price has not gone up in 20+ years (actually, it has come down…).

  2. Mark R.

    This is the best device to help my back problems,I have herniated discs inflamation,very painful at times,the back bubble I use several times a day,gives me great relief,glad I found this back bubble

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