Can New Spine Surgery Solve Your Pinched Nerve Pain?

A new article was released on Thursday discussing a new revolutionary spine surgery procedure that reduces the time under the knife from a traditional average of a few hours to a reduced time of approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. This new method has suggested a reduction of pain down to 85% less than what patients were experiencing before any surgical involvement.

In this procedure, the patient is face down during the operation, and instead of the surgeon going through the patient’s back, they go through their side. This is supposedly to allow gravity to maintain the natural curvature of the spine. After this is done, the surgeon inserts and 3D printed porous metal titanium support (the porous design is to encourage the bone to grow through it) that helps relieve pressure off the nerve, which is, in turn, intended to help the area fuse more quickly.

The article is quoted in a calculated hundreds of thousands of spine fusion procedures taking place in the United States every year.

With this being a new procedure in the spine surgery category, it still remains a very risky pathway to attempting to heal the back. As with any surgery, there are always risks involved with the possibilities of complications. These complications can unfortunately be permanent.

The types of complications involved in spine surgery include the following:

Anesthesia Complications: This includes anything from having a sore throat, damage to teeth, nerve injury, stroke, respiratory depression, death, as well as other serious issues.

Thrombophlebitis: An inflammation process involving blood clots to block one or more veins.

Mechanical: This would include things like (DVT )Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Lung Problems: Post-Surgery activity is normally necessary to rehabilitate the lungs to increase blood oxygen levels to avoid conditions such as Pneumonia.

Infection: Anytime a surgery is undertaken, infection is always a possible risk during the procedure. These infections can be as straightforward as a skin infection or go as deep as infecting the areas around the spinal cord and the vertebrae.

Other possible complications from spine surgery include: Hardware Fracture, Implant Migration, Spinal Cord Injury, Persistent Pain, Sexual Dysfunction, Transitional Syndrome, Pseudoarthrosis.

Needless to say, any surgery involving the spine and anesthesia poses great risk, and should always be one taken as a last resort. This is why it’s always encouraged to look for methods that can possibly take care of the issue without involving surgery.

One of the better ways to resolve a pinched nerve is to take pressure off the spine. One of the best ways of doing that includes using methods that do this with utilizing the body’s natural body weight and avoiding inversion therapy.

So far, the medical industry is hard-pressed to find many solutions to this at an affordable rate. However, there is one device that works well in achieving a solution that can be done upright, at home, and at an affordable price. The Back Bubble is a product that fits into this category to relieving pinched nerves, and has medical studies showing it’s effectiveness in these circumstances.

The Back Bubble has the ability to use the patient’s natural body weight in order to decompress the spine and pressure on the back, which oxygenates the area and helps to restore blood flow in the area, providing relief within seconds.

There have been many people in the 35+ years of The Back Bubble being on the market who’ve been able to avoid surgery all together by using this product, and get their lives back in order. This is absolutely a solution that gives itself not only the safest avenue to resolving the sufferer’s pain without invasive surgical procedures and complications, but it’s also cheaper and offers a risk-free money back guarantee.

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